20 JULY 2006 : Exclusive match from Wrestlingfigs' ECW Heat Wave PAY-PER-VIEW available online

6 JULY 2006 : KIMPACT X Gauntlet for the Gold available online

14 MAY 2006 : Episode 9 available online

3 APRIL 2006 : Unbreakable rematch from WF's 2006 Wrestlemania available online

10 MARCH 2006 :

Unbreakable Rematch
Abyss & Jeff Hardy TLC
Arranged as part of WF's upcoming Wrestlemania event!
Check out the transcript of Unbreakable before you see this match, now available online at TNA Kimpact!
Tune in to WF's 2006 Wrestlemania to witness this sure-to-be-exciting match!

9 MARCH 2006 :

The National Wrestling Alliance - NWA - has joined TNA.
Due to TNA's increased ratings and overall fan support the NWA came to us with an offer. Thus bringing a history and honor to TNA and this sport. As NWA's first act they announcement a new title, the NWA World Championship. The title will be awarded at Kimpact 10 (X).
The match? A 20 man Gauntlet for the Gold. They also ruled that this will not be over the top rope. The NWA has pride in being the best wrestling company and as evidenced by making elimination occur by pinfall or submission. Not over the top rope like other federations. The NWA World championship has a rich history. Great wrestlers such as Ric Flair, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, Sting and Terry Funk. The man that adds his name to that list at Kimpact 10 will do so by surviving 19 of the top wrestlers today.
Needless to say the NWA has made an impact.

9 MARCH 2006 : PAY-PER-VIEW Unbreakable available online

12 FEBRUARY 2006 : Episode 8 available online

28 JANUARY 2006 : TNA Tag Team Title Match from WF's 2006 Royal Rumble available online

15 JANUARY 2006 :

TNA Tag Team Title match
Fatal Four Way Elimination match
"Mr. TNA" AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings and Konnan vs. Sandman and Shane Douglas vs. Jeff Jarrett and Sting
This is huge for any Kimpact fans! This match will crown the first TNA Tag Team champions. And it will be the in-ring debut of Shane Douglas!
Tune in to WF's 2006 Royal Rumble to see the first title match of TNA Kimpact!

12 JANUARY 2006 : Episode 7 available online

24 DECEMBER 2005 : Episode 6 available online

12 DECEMBER 2005 :

TNA is proud to announce the signing of
"The Franchise" Shane Douglas!
Shane is a former NWA, ECW, and WWE IC champion. Among other titles. Shane Douglas is not scheduled to appear at KIMPACT. TNA is still working on the paper work. Look for Shane Douglas to arrive by Unbreakable.

9 DECEMBER 2005 : KIMPACT Online exclusive Eddie Guerrero Memorial Match

2 DECEMBER 2005 : Episode 5 available online

22 NOVEMBER 2005 : Episodes 1-4 available online

21 NOVEMBER 2005 : Site inception and design

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